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Quieter Furnace

Homeowners’ Guide to a Quieter Furnace

For homeowners in and around Green Bay, WI.

Furnace replacement guide brought to you by Robinson Heating and Cooling. More from the furnace replacement and maintenance series can be found on the resources page of our website.

Old furnaces like the one above are more likely to be noisier and more prone to failures

Wisconsin’s climate forces homeowners to test the limits of a furnace. Furnace wear and tear from heavy usage is a main reason why a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system may be too loud. Use this guide to help find what can be done to reduce furnace noise. We also cover a few considerations for replacing your home’s furnace with a quieter model.

Furnace Replacement: Choosing a Quieter Furnace.

A furnace will likely last 15+ years. Like anything else, the furnace will last longer if preventative maintenance is performed regularly. When replacing your furnace, there are a few options to consider if quietness is a priority.

Two-Stage Furnaces:

Two-stage (aka multi speed or variable speed) furnaces offer a distinct advantage for noise reduction. These furnaces have two speeds to meet the demands for heating the home. Multi-speed furnaces have the equivalent to a low and high setting with the low speed being much quieter.

Sealed Combustion Furnaces:

Combustion inside a furnace can be noisy. To keep the noise down, some manufacturers offer a sealed combustion option for noise reduction. Sealed combustion furnaces do a great job to lower the noise level when the furnace is running.

Type of Burner:

If quietness is important, consider the furnace burner type. In-shot burners, for example, sound somewhat like a jet-engine when the furnace is on. Fine for a basement or insulated utility closet, but not next to the bedroom.

Ductwork could be causing your noise problems.

Furnace Repair: Loud Furnace Noises Can be Dangerous.

For your safety, the safety of your property and of your family, be sure to have any uncommon noises coming from the furnace professionally inspected. The piece of mind will be well worth the cost of a diagnostic. And remember, if you hear a metal-on-metal or screeching sound, have the furnace repaired immediately!

HVAC Ductwork: Your Home’s Ductwork May be the Culprit.

There is absolutely no substitute for having the correct size furnace in your home. At Robinson Heating and Cooling, we go to great lengths to ensure that our furnace replacement is an exact match for your home. Many times, the noise from your HVAC system is caused by too much air being forced through the duct work.

It’s a reasonable assumption that the furnace and ductwork in your home were designed to work together. If a new furnace forces more air than the original ductwork was designed to receive, the result can be an overbearingly loud sound. Noise also may come from ductwork that needs attention. Robinson Heating and Cooling can remedy both of these situations.

Choosing the right furnace for your home could help you rest easy at night!

Furnace replacement guide brought to you by Robinson Heating and Cooling. More from the furnace replacement and maintenance series can be found on the resources page of our website.

You Can Count on Robinson

When Quality Counts, Count on Robinson Heating and Cooling

For homeowners in and around Green Bay, WI.

Our business is built around customer service, reliability, and integrity. At Robinson, we are proud to serve some of the country’s hardest working men and women with our fair pricing and honest value.

We at Robinson Heating and Cooling guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service or we will make it right.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Robinson Heating and Cooling is committed to providing the highest level of service and installation in the Green Bay area. We want your service experience to be one of the best service experiences you have ever had. That’s why we offer you the Robinson Rest EZ™ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

12-Month Product Installation Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with your installation (IE furnace replacement or air conditioner installation), we will promptly work to address the concern. We will work to correct issues regarding material or workmanship until you are completely satisfied. The concern we will address must be in regards to the specific installation we were contacted about originally.

12-Month Service Work Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with our service work (IE air conditioner repair or furnace repair), we will promptly address the trouble area. We will work to correct the issues regarding the service work and make sure that you are completely satisfied. Once again, the concern we will address must be in regards to the specific service we were contacted about originally.

Our team after a Heat U.P. Wisconsin event (left and right) and the recipient of the furnace (center).

Active in the Community.

At Robinson, we support local causes, schools, and sporting events. We also participate in the Heat U.P Wisconsin. Initiative. Our heating and cooling replacement technicians go to the home of a deserving candidate in our community and donate time and expertise to install a furnace at the home! It’s our way of saying “thank you.”

Participation in community events is important to our team. If you see our booth, come say hello!

Honesty, Reliability, and Integrity.

Robinson Heating and Cooling continues to actively support the hard-working individuals in and around Green Bay Wisconsin. Our employees are as honest and dependable as they come. We continue on with the same core principles that have kept us in business since 1975. Our business is built on honesty, reliability and integrity. You can bet that we’ll stand behind our work 100%.

Our technicians are well trained and experienced.

Quality Counts!

Central heating and cooling systems are truly intricate machines. Robinson Heating and Cooling’s technicians are well-trained and tenured. We’re a reliable and honest bunch of professionals who are passionate about our work. We’ll help you determine what you do and don’t need and we’ll make sure that your family is taken care of. When it comes to character and craftsmanship, quality counts!

Your Air Conditioner and Severe Weather

Do you know how to properly take care of your air conditioner or heat pump in severe weather? Lots of things can happen to an air conditioner if it is not properly taken care of. HVAC units are built to withstand a tremendous amount of wind, rain, heat and cold, but special precautionary measures should be taken in certain instances to preserve the longevity of your outdoor units. Robinson Heating and Cooling is here to help you increase the longevity of your air conditioner and heat pump!

First, there is no need to cover up your air conditioner or heat pump when it is simply raining or snowing. Covering up your outdoor unit can actually really hurt the interior mechanisms. For example:

  • Rodents can build nests inside covered air conditioners or covered heat pumps. The cover provides a nice, safe, dry, warm place for them to squirrel away into. Rodents may chew through the wires inside the outdoor unit, causing shorts in circuitry or killing the entire machine. They may die inside, causing an unpleasant smell. Rodents may also strip your Freon lines for nest-building, causing your lines to be uninsulated and vulnerable to weather.
  • Lack of airflow encourages the growth of mold and other plant life. Mold and mildew growing inside your air conditioner will not negatively affect your health in any way, but it can decrease your unit’s efficiency by cutting down on airflow. Over time, this may cause damage to the unit as it tries to compensate for the efficiency loss.
  • Moisture will still get in. Even if you are trying to keep all moisture out of your HVAC unit, it will still find a way in. Humidity in the air will bring moisture inside a sealed air conditioner or heat pump, evaporation from the ground can bring water up into the cover, or melting snow or rain may puddle around the base and splash up into it.

Severe weather, on the other hand, requires proper care of your air conditioner or heat pump. Severe weather happens frequently in Wisconsin, so knowing how to prepare your outdoor HVAC units can help keep your air conditioner or heat pump up and running for years to come. When severe weather, such as a blizzard or thunderstorm, is on its way, a few precautionary steps can be taken to prevent or reduce damage to your HVAC unit.

  • Turn off whatever heating or cooling units you have running. A power surge can cause damage to your heating or cooling system. Unless you are caught in a blizzard and need heat, turning off your heating or cooling units can potentially prevent lots of property damage.
  • If severe winds are present, cover your outdoor HVAC units. Strong winds can blow debris into your unit or cause heavy objects to fall onto it. Covering your air conditioner or heat pump can prevent or reduce damage to the outdoor unit. Be sure to remove the cover after the storm has cleared.
  • Remove loose yard furniture. Loose things in your yard such as patio furniture, toys, and tools can cause damage to your home, including your outdoor HVAC units. Removing them from your yard previous to a storm may prevent hundreds of dollars in damage.

If you notice damage to your air conditioner or heat pump after a storm, contact us or give Robinson Heating and Cooling a call at (920) 490-3394.

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Winterizing Your Home

With winter fast approaching, Robinson Heating & Cooling is here to help you prepare for the cold while saving money on heating bills. It can be very easy to forget to winterize your home until it’s almost too late. Don’t be caught unawares; begin winterizing your home when it is still consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Begin by winterizing your outdoor equipment and areas outside your home. Robinson Heating & Cooling can assist you in winterizing your air conditioner, which will require draining hoses and performing a basic cleanup before shutting down your A/C for a period of months. Cleaning your roof of any debris and checking for loose branches on trees around your home will prevent possible damage that may happen due to snow build-up. Any exposed pipes should be insulated and secured before freezing occurs.

Indoors, first check for drafts around windows, doors, light switches, and power outlets. Seal any problematic places with a door or window sealant, or with specialized insulating plastic sheeting. Turn down your water heater and thermostat-for every degree you turn down your thermostat, you save 3% on energy bills.

Finally, call Robinson Heating & Cooling to schedule your yearly tune-up for your heating systems. Optimize your home’s heating system and save money on your winter energy bills! For more information on replacing HVAC units in your home, see our installations page.

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Save Money On Yearly Maintenance

Did you know that most HVAC manufacturers void the warranty on your HVAC unit if yearly tune-ups are not performed on the unit? It is highly recommended that a tune-up be administered every year to each of your HVAC units; this includes your furnace, air conditioning system, boiler, water heater…if you have it, a tune-up is almost certainly necessary.

Robinson Heating & Cooling understands that paying for multiple tune-ups a year can become very costly. To help alleviate costs without compromising service, we offer the Preferred Residential Customer Maintenance Agreement. This program is designed to help our customers save money and time by offering discounts on parts, priority when scheduling appointments, reduced cost in labor, and much more. Contact us using the form on this page or by calling (920) 490-3394 for more information on signing up!

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